VIBE is a home for all students, regardless of their dance journey. Owning and operating our studio with instructors who collectively hold over a century of dance teaching experience, our primary focus is to develop a complete dancer – in body, mind and spirit.

Teaching to each individual student and meeting them where they are at, while encouraging a well-rounded training base with a strong ballet foundation, is what we strive to achieve.

Finding the right commitment level for each student and celebrating their individual dance choices, be it recreational, educational, or competitive, is of great value to us. We understand that only a small portion of our student body continues on to dance professionally; therefore, our larger responsibility is to teach lessons beyond just the dance steps: life lessons. We aspire to help each student achieve their personal best.

VIBE’s innovative, fresh, and FUN approach will both instill a love and appreciation for the art of dance and encourage dancers and dance families to develop lasting, meaningful relationships along the way. Maintaining a positive VIBE, or environment, that focuses on lifting others up while achieving a strong sense of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-discipline, is our top priority.

Together, we VIBE.