Registration Fee…$25.00

Our 2020-21 dance year is divided into two 16-week sessions . There are four payments due per session, pending of course our Grand Opening Date. (See payment schedule under Registration and Tuition).

Class fees (based on one class per week) are as follows:

30 minute class $56/month $224/session

45 minute class $64/month $256/session

60 minute class $84/month $336/session

90 minute class $108/month $432/session

30 minute private  $172/month $688/session

30 minute semi-private $120/month per dancer  $480/session

30 minute trio  $92/month per dancer $368/session

ConfiDANCE (Drop-in Class) 

Per class rate:    $12/single dancer  $15/Family rate for two+ dancers

Spot TV   $5/month  -or- $20/session

A 5% Sibling Discount will apply.