Registration Fee…$25.00

Our dance year (fall, winter & spring) is divided into three 12-week sessions. Our summer session is a separate session, comprised of 8 weeks typically. Dancers will be billed monthly for tuition. Please see Vibe Handbook for specific details.

Class fees (based on one class per week) are as follows:

30 minute class $56/month $224/session

45 minute class $64/month $256/session

60 minute class $84/month $336/session

90 minute class $108/month $432/session

30 minute private $172/month $688/session

30 minute semi-private $120/month per dancer $480/session

30 minute trio $92/month per dancer $368/session

ConfiDANCE (Drop-in Class)

Per class rate: $12/single dancer $15/Family rate for two+ dancers

Spot TV $5/month -or- $20/session – A free amenity to all at this time.