suggested dancewear for vibe dancers


All black leotards for all ages.

Skirts for Ballet are accepted, but not required.
Pants for Jazz are accepted, but not required.


For Adults/Teens/Youth – Capezio Ultra Soft Transition Tight #1916 & 1916C

For Little Ones – any quality pink tights for ballet are accepted


  • Ballet – Little Ones  – Capezio Love 2035c (true to street shoe size)
  • Tap – Little Ones  Capezio Brand 3800T or 3800C (true to street shoe size)
  • Ballet – Juniors & Up  – Capezio Juliet 2027A
    (2 sizes up from shoe size)
  • Tap – Juniors & Up  – Capezio CG19
    (true to street shoe size)
  • Advanced Tap – Juniors & Up  – Capezio K543 (true to street shoe size)
  • Jazz- All ages  Bloch Super Jazz S0401L
    (true to street shoe size)