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Team will look much different this year than in years to come, and it is important to the teachers that the families understand the differences. 

This year, given the COVID circumstances and limitations; solos, duets and trios are more feasible options to compete if given the opportunity. 

An important caveat to this is that when families commit to a piece setting and rehearsals with a choreographer/instructor, all fees paid are non-refundable if it ends up being that the dancer(s) cannot compete due to COVID. While we hope for in person and live convention and competition experiences, we anticipate virtual conventions and competitions, with possible video submission of pieces to be adjudicated.

It is important to note that while the ultimate goal after the setting and rehearsal of a piece is to compete it, there is tremendous growth experienced in the process itself of growing a piece and committing to regular rehearsals. Any pieces set that cannot compete would be welcome to compete the following year, and appropriate adjustments would be made to accommodate for the growth in the dancer(s) skill set over time, etc. 

Beyond this year and as the team component grows, VIBE teams will operate with a heavy emphasis on promoting cooperation, respectful rehearsal demeanor, positivity and support of peers, and a “We” vs “Me” approach to competitive team dancing.