Company Information

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Vibe Company will be comprised of one large group that makes up the entire company, rather than split groups of teams.

There will be a Company Evaluation mid-summer that anyone and everyone can attend (current and non-current Vibe students). Vibe instructors will evaluate dancers so to group them accordingly into pieces for the competition season to follow.

Company pieces will be set roughly during the last few weeks in August and at times into the fall on weekends. Rehearsals will take place during the Monday-Thursday evening dance class schedule and on Sundays for any larger group pieces or pieces that require additional rehearsals.

Company will attend on average 4-6 conventions and competitions during the regional season, and one national event (every other year) during the summer season. The national event is optional and not required, but if a dancer opts out of nationals, they will only be set in select pieces for the regional season.

When committing to Company, be mindful of the costs involved. Our Company Handbook will detail requirements for dancers and parents participating. Please inquire about our Handbook if interested in our Vibe Company.

Vibe Company will operate with a heavy emphasis on promoting cooperation, respectful rehearsal demeanor, positivity and support of peers, and a “We” vs “Me” approach to competitive dancing.