At Vibe, we hold our students’ well-being as our number one priority.

To keep everyone safe, we will follow the mandates issued by the State of Wisconsin and Dane County regarding COVID-19. Note that this is an ever-changing situation and this information will be updated as regulations change.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the studio directly or call our office.

What DANCERS must do:
  • There will be a hand sanitizing station in the lobby for use upon entering or leaving Vibe.

  • Students should bring their own water bottle. The drinking fountain will be closed to drinking, but open for touchless water bottle refills. 

  • Dancers must bring all of their belongings in one dance bag, and upon entering the classroom, place their bag and water bottle in a designated spot distanced from others.

  • Students may take class virtually if they choose.

  • Per Dane County’s Emergency Order #8, masks are required for all who enter the studio. All students must wear masks for the entirety of class. If dancers have multiple classes in an evening, it is recommended to have a change of mask for each class. A wet mask is less efficient at filtering viruses. The following individuals are exempt from wearing a mask:  children under 5, individuals with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents them from wearing a face covering.

  • All students must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before entering the classroom.

  • In the classroom, students will stand in a marked area that is at least 6 feet apart from other dancers, and maintain social distancing throughout the class.

  • Dancers must wear shoes at all times.

What PARENTS must do:
  • Parents must do a temperature check before coming to the studio. Students should be free of a temperature, as well as other symptoms such as sore throat, cough (even if allergies), headache, shortness of breath, diarrhea, etc. If a dancer comes to Vibe with symptoms, parents will be called immediately for the dancer to be picked up. 
  • No parents or observers are allowed in the studio. For the Littles classes, one parent will be allowed to socially distance in the studio. We will live stream all dance classes. Parents may watch class from their car or alternate location.
  • Please do not arrive early or pick up late to reduce the number of dancers in the common spaces.
  • Staff will meet dancers at the front door and help them get to their class.

  • All teachers will get their temperatures checked upon entering the studio and will stay home with any symptoms. 

  • All teachers will wear masks for the entirety of class. Instructors will modify their classes so the students never reach full cardio exertion, making breathing effortless in a mask.

  • Dressing rooms and some common areas will be closed or modified to accommodate social distancing.

  • All high touch surfaces will be cleaned in between every class. This includes barres, light switches, doorknobs, and possibly floors. Classes may be released five minutes early to accommodate for this cleaning.

  • The bathrooms will be cleaned frequently throughout the night.

  • Classroom capacities will be limited to accommodate proper social distancing.

  • We will livestream all classes for parents, as well as students who feel more comfortable dancing virtually.

Virtual Class Options
  • Virtual Class Options 
    All classes will be positioned where a dancer is able to take any one of their classes live or virtual. Through Spot TV, we will have this capability to live stream classes for parents and dancers alike to view remotely. Should a dancer opt to take classes virtually, they would commit to this for a month at a time and receive a 20% discount.
    Should we be forced to shut down due to COVID-19 regulations
    Should we be forced to shut down, there would be two options:  
    • Option 1) Dancers could choose to attend class virtually, receiving a 20% discount per month, per class. 
    • Option 2) Dancers could choose to not take classes virtually and receive a full refund  during the time in which we are shut down.  
    Note: If we are forced to shut down mid-month, we would ask that dancers give virtual a try for the remaining weeks, receiving a 20% discount on classes for the remainder of said month.  
    Rolling into the next month, dancers would have the option to continue virtual classes or receive a full refund on their classes during the time in which we are shut down.
    The $50 disenrollment fee would be waived on refunds granted during the time we are shut down provided the dancer would continue their regularly scheduled session classes once we are able to open back up.